Savethecowboys inc.
A Fund for injured Cowboys
about savethe cowboys inc.
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"Save the Cowboys Inc." is the brain child of John Leinaweaver, Christopher "The Brindle Beater" Prange, and Patrick Trone. It is a fund set up to help injured cowboys pay their bills if they are seriously injured during rodeo competition. The fund raises money by selling "save the cowboys" magnets, apparel, and patches. Every dollar raised above the cost to produce the products is donated directly to the fund. A lot of cowboys nowadays go up and down the road with no insurance. After travel expenses, entry fees, etc... , the amount these guys win doesn't even cover those costs. Add an injury to this, and these guys are in the hole, some with dependants to feed and take care of (i.e. wives and children). This fund is designed to help soften the hit from mounting bills when a cowboy is injured and unable to compete or provide for their family. Some of this money will be paid directly to hospitals and doctors. Other amounts will be put into grocery cards, to help feed their families.
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Board of Directors

Chris Prange - President/Treasurer - Cochranville, PA
Patrick Trone - Secretary - Gettysburg, PA
John Leinaweaver - Director - Ortanna, Pa
Joshua Dixon - Director - Lewisville, PA